I’ve been watching the Netflix show Cheer.

It’s occasionally cringeworthy (college students and cheer drama) but overall entertaining. I’ve definitely gained appreciation for the level of effort needed to pull off a three-minute routine.

These kids are strong, not just in their ability to do the stunts, but also in the way they support each other and in their determined approach to delivering a perfect performance. They’re human, which means they’re flawed. But they try anyway, and they keep trying. They push themselves and each other in pursuit of their passion.

Today’s cuppa is a nod to the fact that I originally tuned in for the backflips, but I’ve stayed tuned in for the message.

Good People


It’s Giving Tuesday Now day.

Today’s cuppa is a reminder that social distancing doesn’t have to mean emotional distancing.

If you have the means, there are thousands of organizations you can choose from to offer financial support.

If you’d rather donate time or other resources and are looking for an organization that needs your help, the lists and details may be useful in getting you started.

The main website link is

There’s also a website specifically dedicated to North Texas giving:

Here’s to generosity – of kindness, of compassion, of spirit, and hope, and grace, and love.

Life People


There are a lot of numbers in the news today. Most of them are attached to negative circumstances.

With so many numbers, it’s tempting to distance ourselves from the details. In fact, we as human beings have evolved to protect ourselves, emotionally, in this way.

But there’s also danger in the distancing. Too much of it, and we risk losing the empathy that connects us to each other.

When I find myself going numb about the numbers, I allow it, just a bit, so that I can take in the news. And then, when the data-driven, fact-loving, processing side of me has finished its work, I allow myself to think of what the numbers truly represent.

And then, I’m reminded of the speech that Mr. Rogers made in 1997, when he accepted the Lifetime Achievement award at the Emmys. There are transcripts of it out there, but I find that watching him give the speech creates a greater emotional impact.

If I lose sight of what the numbers mean, I remind myself: each one, a person. Maybe not a person I know, but a person known and loved by others. A person in somebody’s heart, who comes to mind when Mr. Rogers asks us to take ten seconds of silence.



Thursday cuppa is a simple celebration of the beauty and the bravery of kindness.

“My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart.” – Maya Angelou

Life People


Monday morning cuppa asks: How do we measure the true impact of school this year? How do we make sense of the lessons and learning in this unexpected environment?

For some, like my youngest son, “distance learning” is vital and appreciated. He’s a Digital Native, so online work is an easy shift. But, graduation hangs in the balance. Senior Year, with all its traditional milestones and memories, has disappeared, leaving disappointment and sadness.

For others, like my teacher friends who care so deeply about the young people in their classrooms, the days are restless. They plan and design, looking for the best ways to share knowledge and stability. But they know that even their best efforts can’t answer every question or fill every need.

I do believe that the world will ultimately benefit from what teachers and students are showing us about the power of resilience, creativity, patience, humor, adaptability, and perseverance. They didn’t ask for this challenge, but they’ve accepted it and are doing their best to make things work. I hope they feel the love and support from all of us who want them to succeed and are wowed by their champion spirit.

Here’s a cuppa hug for the teachers and students. The world of education looks a little different right now, but they are showing us that the opportunity for learning continues.



This cuppa cup was given to me by a work friend, and it has me thinking about my (past and present) colleagues, coworkers, work friends and family, and how much of who I am has been shaped by the work we’ve done together. I’m grateful for those experiences (even the tough ones) and am fortunate to have worked with so many truly good people. Missing so many of them today, hoping they are safe. Looking forward to the better days that will come again for all of us.

Here’s to connections and relationships, shared experiences and achievements.


Mr. Rogers

A little Mr. Rogers wisdom with today’s cuppa.

“All of us, at some time or another, need help. Whether we’re giving or receiving help, each one of us has something valuable to bring to this world. That’s one of the things that connects us as neighbors – in our own way, each one of us is a giver and a receiver.” – Fred Rogers