No Drama Llama

It’s Friday, and No Drama Llama is focused on this week’s good moments.

At the grocery store yesterday, the following items were available for (limited) purchase: toilet paper, paper towels, coffee creamer, eggs, hand soap, allergy meds.

M&Ms has a new flavor – fudge brownie. Tasty, would buy again. Slightly below peanut butter, slightly above regular peanut. Pretzel still the best. You know I’m right.

Mr. Lizard (see Houseguest) has been safely returned to his outside habitat. Youngest son heard me shrieking when Mr. Lizard popped up next to my shoulder on the couch where I was sitting. Youngest son gently coaxed Mr. Lizard into a container and took him to the backyard. No Drama Llama is making allowances for a wee bit of drama for my instinctive freak out reaction.

I hope you’ve had some good moments this week, as well. Stay safe, everybody, and keep washing those hands.

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