Family Nature


Today’s cuppa celebrates our backyard garden.

I can’t take credit for it. Husband and sons did (and do) the work. My allergies keep me from spending too much time out there. But, I appreciate what they’ve done, support their efforts, and clap merrily whenever new flowers, or vegetables, or fruit appear. You could call me the Garden Cheerleader.

We have several varieties of tomatoes, two blackberry bushes, a grapevine, a few potato plants, some dill, jalapeños, garlic, and onions, along with numerous roses and a honeysuckle vine. Most are growing well, especially the tomatoes, although it’s a race to see who will end up eating more of them – us or the bugs. We also have kale, which is one of my least favorites but is growing exceptionally well, mocking my disdain.

One of my grandmothers grew up on a farm in Minnesota. My other grandmother had a Victory Garden during WWII. I like to imagine them joining me as cheerleaders, celebrating nature in our backyard.

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