My dog, Mollie, has a habit of sharing her food with me by hiding a nugget of it under my pillow. I usually don’t mind because it’s dry chow, not messy, and it’s a sweet gesture. If she’s around when I discover it, she crouches down and puts her head on her paws. Then she looks up at me with happy eyes, so pleased with herself, while I thank her for the sweet gesture. I joke that she’s bringing me breakfast in bed.

One of Mollie’s most favorite things ever is to spend time with my husband at the end of the day, out on the backyard porch, snuggling together on the futon. The day simply isn’t complete without at least one porch futon cuddle. She’s developed the habit of insisting that it’s time to go outside at the same time every evening, staring at him adoringly, her eyes pleading, her tail wagging, until he heads to the door.

Today’s cuppa celebrates the cheerful, uncomplicated, forgiving, unlimited love of dogs. May we always be worthy.

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