It’s an interesting thing, the experience of being New.

New to a process. New to a place. New to a group or a perspective. Whatever the circumstances, the experience of starting, coming into, beginning.

There’s excitement. There’s learning, evaluating, understanding. It can be fun. It can create feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

There’s also vulnerability. And hesitation. And doubt. And sometimes, fear. Will it work? Is it right? Can I do it?

And there can be sadness. If the move toward New is intentional, the future state a positive one, there may still be moments of nostalgia and regret; what once was will be no more. If the move toward New includes unplanned, unforeseen circumstances, the nostalgia and regret may also be accompanied by moments of grief and mourning.

All the emotions, all the feelings. Together, combined, here and there, everywhere, all part of the experience.

I spent a few minutes today considering my cuppa in terms of New. What matters most? The fact that I’ve had it for years, or the knowledge that it contains a fresh beverage? Is it half-empty because I’ve been drinking from it? Or is it half-full because it still contains some coffee?

The perspective is up to me. The answers are mine to decide.

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