A recent discovery: my cat, Tom, loves it when I whistle.

As soon as he hears the whistling start, he comes running to my side. If I’m sitting, he’ll jump in my lap and stare at me, adoringly. He’ll also bump his head against mine, delivering kitty kisses and cuddles. If I’m standing, he’ll swish around my ankles, back and forth, occasionally meowing, and follow me as I walk. Either way, his purrs are loud enough to hear across the room.

This behavior isn’t unique to me. He does it with anybody who whistles. He’s also the only one of our cats to act this way. Our others just stare at us for a moment and then get on with whatever cat business they were involved in before we tried to get their attention.

I’m not a very good whistler. Like my singing, I don’t always hit each note. It’s also hard not to laugh when Tom reacts, and whistling while laughing doesn’t work very well. But, he doesn’t seem to care.

It’s a nice thing, starting the morning with a cuppa and a cat. Happy Monday.

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