Good People


There’s a little girl named Ruby Kate Chitsey who, at the age of 11, started a non-profit organization called Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents. She had the idea after noticing that many of the senior citizens at a local nursing home were unable to afford simple treats such as candy or even basic items such as a pair of pants.

Ruby Kate asked each of the people at the nursing home to make a list of three things they wanted most of all. She then set about raising money and filling the requests.

This simple act grew into a bigger movement, expanding to additional nursing homes, pulling in more people to gather and deliver. So far, the fulfilled wishes have included everything from a can of Vienna sausages to pillows and blankets, and the lists and gifting are ongoing.

Many of the people Ruby Kate assists have little to no family members who can supplement the nursing home care, and receiving a treat is a rare occasion. These kind gestures may not seem like much, but for somebody who has less than $50 per month to spend on anything outside of room, board, and medical care, it can mean a lot.

If you want to learn more about Ruby Kate’s work and how you can help, the link to the website is below:

Right now, many residents of nursing homes are feeling even more isolated and distant than ever. The safety precautions so necessary to keep them healthy during the pandemic also prevent visits with family and friends as well as activities that might normally be part of their days. Loneliness is prevalent; depression, anxiety, and confusion often follow.

So, here’s to Ruby Kate, who began helping people long before COVID-19 and whose help is even more meaningful now. And here’s to all the other nice humans who help to make this world a better place.

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