Life People


It’s the last day of the month. It’s a day for meeting deadlines and finalizing plans. Completion, then starting anew. A bit like punctuation at the end of a sentence, in preparation for the next one.

The last day of the month, today, right now, can also mean the end of other things, such as events or relationships or opportunities. Of predictability. Of safety. A shift from known to unknown, from expected to I have no idea.

For some, last is good. For others – many others, probably more than usual right now – it is not.

Thinking about the differences this morning, about the emotions and implications, how each of us is affected by last, the same and yet not the same.

It’s simply a calendar page to some. For many others, the ones who occupy most of my heart and my thoughts today, last carries meaning far beyond an x on a page.

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