There are days when things are difficult. We all have them, every once in a while, at least sometimes, on occasion.

Days when emotions are front and center and the air feels heavy, the words seem muffled, get caught in the brain or strangled in the throat.

Plodding days, going nowhere yet moving too quickly, scratching their way across the hours, giggling maniacally through dull anxiety.

Lonely days. Surrounded by people yet distant and isolated. Silent conversations, missed connections, unfamiliar circumstances.

If we’re lucky, these difficult days are few. If we’re really lucky, we have a furry friend to share them with, to cuddle and snuggle with, run with, play and shout and rest with, unconditionally, sweetly, forgivingly, lovingly.

They believe in the best in us. They trust that we’re doing all we can, trying our hardest, making it happen. And because of that, we know that we are, we know that we can.

Here’s to the good days. May they far outweigh the difficult ones.

And here’s to the dogs (and cats) that are there for us no matter what kind of day we’re having.

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