I took some time off from writing.

Sometimes, writing is smooth and easy, even when it’s about something complicated. The words come quickly. They pop into my head and become my friends, eagerly sharing the space and carrying the message.

Other times, the world becomes so large and the emotions so full that writing hurts my heart. I find myself wallowing, searching for words that make sense. Feelings are unformed, floating, unprocessed. It seems impossible to put them into something understandable.

In simple terms, I suppose that’s how writer’s block works. Fortunately, I have no writing deadlines to manage; nobody’s holding me accountable for delivering a certain number of words by a specific time.

Starting up again, I’m giving myself permission not to write every day. I’m still choosing my cuppa based on the meaning I find in the moment. I’m just going to remove the pressure of posting each day’s choice.

If I do choose to post my words, perhaps they’ll resonate with somebody besides just me. Perhaps somebody else will laugh, feel a bit of hope, or learn something interesting. Maybe they’ll experience a recognition of sameness, the thought of yes, I get it, that’s familiar, I’m not alone.

That’s the purpose of this little blog. It’s thoughts, words, and a cuppa; a simple means of marking the moments of one person’s journey along the path of being human – a path we travel individually and also share together.

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