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I read an article yesterday that explained that sucking on a piece of ice can be a good means of quelling anxiety.

There are two reasons why this works. First, the cooling sensation in your mouth can be a distraction from whatever is making you anxious. Second, the melting ice activates the parasympathetic nervous system in your brain, increasing saliva production and eliminating dry mouth, thereby switching your body from a “fight or flight” mode to a “rest and digest” mode.

Here’s the article if you are interested in more details:

I have two last thoughts to go with my cuppa today. I didn’t realize that there’s such a thing as a Nutritional Psychiatrist; you learn something new every day, I suppose. And, I can’t think of the information in this article without hearing Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby in my head. It’s kind of fun, makes me wanna dance, but earworms can get old very quickly. My apologies if you are now in the same boat.

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