Life Pets


We have a slab leak. We discovered this unfortunate reality by noticing water all over the floors across our house.

Fortunately, there are plumbers and water damage repair people who can assist us with the situation. I am grateful to have these options.

Currently, however, there are a variety of large, loud fans and de-humidifiers running 24/7 throughout my house. It’s a bit like living on an airport tarmac. Additionally, our furniture and personal belongings have been displaced, shifted into corners and hallways and countertops, wherever they will fit while the work is being done.

My cats are, understandably, freaked out by it all. One of them has taken to hiding under the bed. The others beg to go outside, then beg to come back in, staring at me through the window with big eyes as if silently asking, “It’s over now, right?” They’re afraid to go into the kitchen where their food bowls are kept. At times, they are exceptionally clingy, meowing pitifully and pawing at my ankles.

I’m doing my best to keep them calm, minimize the stress they’re feeling. But I totally get their perspective. If I could fit under the bed, I might take my cuppa with me and spend a few hours hiding there, as well.

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