There’s an army of people who arrived at polling places in the wee hours of this morning. They’re not there to vote (although it’s likely that every single one of them has already or will at some point before the day ends). They’re there to make voting possible for the rest of us.

Today, they’ll answer questions, fix problems, complete paperwork, give directions, and keep order. They’ll do it regardless of what’s happening elsewhere, in the news or in the neighborhoods. Many of them have been doing these things for days already, supporting the early voting process. They’ve given up time with family and friends and put themselves at greater risk during a pandemic because they know how much it matters, this process of choosing our nation’s future.

Here’s to the poll workers. You’re the unnamed patriots, making sure the rest of us are able to make our voices heard. Thank you for being there. We couldn’t do it without you.

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