We have a long-haired cat, Bandit, who got himself closely involved with some weeds and brambles, subsequently developing a mass of mats in his fur.

After unsuccessfully trying to brush and cut them out, I took him to the vet yesterday for what they call a “strip and clip.” He is now bald, with only the fur on his face and a little pom-pom on the tip of his tail remaining.

I tell myself that his fur will grow back, probably more soft and luxurious than before. The vet said that we did the right thing, that had we not shaved him, the mats would have dug into his skin, ultimately creating sores and causing him pain. Still, I feel guilty about subjecting him to that experience.

It’s also a bit unnerving to see him without fur. His white and black coloring, where his fur patterns will grow back in, is evident, giving him the look of an exotic animal. The white patches have a pink undertone, an indication of the skin beneath, now covered only by a thin layer of soft transparency. He also somehow seems heavier in his bald state. He’s a large cat, solid and chonky, and he feels even more so right now. Perhaps it’s because his fur creates a pillowy effect, a cloud-like feeling that is missing at the moment.

Today’s cuppa is for our (temporarily) bald Bandit. Hang in there, buddy. You’ll be back to your old, fluffy self soon. Just be sure to stay out of the weeds.

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