There have been a few silver linings in this year of ugh.

For example, without a daily work commute, I have some free time during the day. I’ve used some of this free time to deliver meals to senior citizens through Meals on Wheels.

I’ll admit that I was initially nervous about volunteering right now, but the people with the MoW organization work hard to ensure that volunteers are well-prepared to safely complete delivery routes. They understand how important it is to protect their elderly clients and the volunteers in this pandemic environment.

They also know that, without these deliveries, their clients might not have the nutritious food they need. Many clients live alone or with another elderly family member. Some are physically unable to prepare their own food; others don’t have access to transportation or financial resources. The pandemic has exacerbated these difficult circumstances. Volunteer delivery drivers are always appreciated, but especially now more than ever.

Delivering a MoW route only takes a few hours. Volunteers can assist with as few – or as many – routes as they want. Training is done virtually, and there’s a neat little app that keeps track of route info. The first route can be a bit of an adventure, getting used to the process and following the driving directions, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of things.

MoW can always use more volunteers. If delivering meals isn’t your thing, there are other ways to contribute, such as their pet care program and various holiday programs throughout the year. Financial support is always welcome, as well.

If you’re interested in learning more, please visit their website:

Here’s to the Meals on Wheels organization and to their meaningful mission of service.

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