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Today is International Mountain Day. Established by the United Nations in 2003, International Mountain Day is focused on the protection and sustainability of mountains.

I once read that, when choosing recreation-y, vacation-y options, Introverts prefer mountains, while Extroverts prefer water. I don’t know about the scientific accuracy of that information. As somebody who leans Introvert, however, I do know that I’m more likely to head for the hills.

There’s something about being in the mountains that makes me feel free. That’s strange, perhaps, because being surrounded by ancient stone formations isn’t typically associated with feelings of freedom. But when I’m in the mountains, I don’t see barriers. I don’t feel surrounded, closed in. What I see are expanses, vistas, views – green and blue and brown and white, stretching out into the distance and into the sky. What I feel is clear, unconstrained lightness.

I’ve also never really considered mountains to be something that need protecting. After all, they’re solid rock formations, tall and strong, ancient and unyielding.

Then again, rocks can be crushed. Time and water can carve canyons and valleys. Mountain life can disappear due to fire, climate changes, and man-made circumstances.

The fact is, nothing on our planet, this home we call Earth, is indestructible. Even mountains.

So, here’s to International Mountain Day and its goal of protection. And, here’s to the tales of time and nature that exist within the ancient rock and stone.

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