Fun Nature


Well, it actually happened. We got some real, bonafide snow.

The Big Event was yesterday. It started around lunchtime and lasted a few hours. Big, fat, fluffy snowflakes, the kind you see in movies, coming down pretty heavily for a while. It was delightful. It all melted quickly, however. No accumulation at my house, although areas not far from here saw some real Winter Wonderland action.

I suppose it’s silly to get so excited about it, especially considering that snow tends to create inconveniences. Because it’s so rare for this area, there’s a bit of a freak out when it happens. Roads get shut down, traffic is a nightmare, schools close, grocery stores become crowded as people stock up on staples like milk and bread.

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, heat advisories – we’re experts at that stuff. It’s expected and normal; we’ve got systems and steps and lots of practice. Frozen precipitation? Not so much.

But it’s the rarity that also makes it fun, makes it worth celebrating. Snow is a big deal because it doesn’t happen very often. When it does, it feels a little magical.

So, I’m glad that this time, the snow happened on a weekend and that it didn’t stick around for long. It was the best kind of snowfall; not enough to create many complications. Just enough to enjoy.

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