The forecast temperature for the next few days is high 80s/low 90s, so of course I’ve chosen the Snowman cuppa today.

A little cuppa weather rebellion.

Life Nature


This is the time of year when I have a 20-30 minute post-waking-up window to take the allergy medicine…or else I’ll spend the rest of the day in sniffling, sneezing misery. Occasionally, it gets bad enough that a dose before bed is also necessary.

Like most everybody, I enjoy Spring with all the blooming flowers and trees, the fresh wind blowing, the green grass covering what used to be dead patches of ground. But sometimes, it’s wisest to enjoy it from behind a window.

Here’s a cuppa for those of us who live with allergies. If you need to find us, just follow the trail of Kleenex.

Animals Nature


A possum has taken up residence in our backyard.

Husband and son discovered Mr. Possum yesterday. He was asleep under some broken wood.

Today’s cuppa reflects our human reaction, not Mr. Possum’s. Mr. P simply blinked, shifted to a more comfortable position, and then resumed his nap. He might also have rolled his eyes a bit at these crazy humans who were so amazed that nature was doing its thing right in our own backyard, but that’s not confirmed.

Possums eat rodents, snakes, and bugs, including roaches. Now that the initial freak-out is over, I’m ok with the arrangement. Welcome to your new home, neighbor.



Wednesday’s cuppa recognizes that Texas weather, especially in the Spring, can be a crazy ride.

I vaguely remember my husband saying something about 60 mph winds and hearing the sound of heavy rain last night, but I slept through most of the storm (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing?). We are fine, but I’m now seeing reports of power outages and downed trees across the metroplex. Hope all of you are ok.

Once again, Mother Nature reminds us that being predictable does not necessarily equate to being controllable.



I’ve chosen to fill the past few weeks with learning experiences – webinars, online courses, books, articles, podcasts, discussions. This cuppa, with its dots and connected pattern, makes me think of these experiences.

It’s a luxury, this opportunity to be purposefully curious, this available time to indulge my curiosity.

So often, my desire to learn conflicts with being busy, or tired, or distracted. “Learning” equates to figuring stuff out as quickly and as easily as possible in order to get something done.

But right now, I have time to go beyond the key takeaways and consider the broader implications. I can reflect and evaluate, ask what if? and why not?. I can choose to learn new things just because I want to, just because I am interested.

Here’s to the privilege of being able to learn and the gifts that come from the learning journey.

Animals Nature


Today’s cuppa is a nod to my current feelings of kinship with the Hibernators.

As we all likely remember from science class, hibernation typically occurs during winter and is a means of conserving energy and resources. The most common example of hibernating animals is bears, who bulk up during the autumn months and then hunker down in their dens to sleep through the cold.

What isn’t as well known is that forms of hibernation can also occur throughout other times of the year and in a wide variety of animal species. Hibernation instincts may be triggered anytime resources are scarce. For example, there are some species of fish that hibernate if their lakes dry up.

When the circumstances improve, and it’s safe and wise to emerge, hibernation ends…until triggered again by the instinctive recognition that hibernating is the best option for self – and species – preservation.

Here’s to the animals that adapt to the environment by chilling out and hunkering down. I’m doing my best to respect the lesson that nature is offering me.

Family Life


Most days, there’s an intentional choice behind my cuppa selection, actively connected to specific thoughts or feelings.

This is not one of those days.

I woke up this morning with the Pokémon theme song in my head. This cuppa once had a picture of Charmeleon on it. So, here we are.

This cuppa does remind me of when my sons were younger and how much fun they had with all things Pokémon. While those memories weren’t the reason for my cuppa choice this morning, I will enjoy them while I sip. And, I’ll be grateful for health, and happiness, and loved ones.

Here’s hoping you have good memories of your own to enjoy today.

Family Fun


Each time I use this cuppa cup (given to me by my sister in honor of our Norwegian heritage), my internal dialogue goes something like this:

Thorvald the Viking!

Lutefisk – ugh.
Reminds me of fish paste. Also ugh.

Who would make Cream of Lutefisk? Is that really a thing? No, of course not. It’s a joke. But maybe not?

I might have had a hard time being a Viking, not liking the dried and salted and preserved fish options. However, I like Lefse. So, I’d be the Viking eating the Lefse while all the other Vikings ate the fish options. That would work.

Except Lefse is best with butter (lots of butter, mmmm butter). As long as I had Lefse and butter, I’d have been an awesome Viking.

Except I wouldn’t call myself Thorvald. I’d be Solveig. Such a pretty name but still fitting for a Viking.

By then, I’ve finished pouring my coffee, and my internal dialogue shifts to something else, such as how much coffee creamer to use and whether to sit at the table or on the couch while I drink my cuppa.

I usually come back to thinking about Lefse, however. Mmmm, butter.


No Drama Llama

It’s Friday, and No Drama Llama is focused on this week’s good moments.

At the grocery store yesterday, the following items were available for (limited) purchase: toilet paper, paper towels, coffee creamer, eggs, hand soap, allergy meds.

M&Ms has a new flavor – fudge brownie. Tasty, would buy again. Slightly below peanut butter, slightly above regular peanut. Pretzel still the best. You know I’m right.

Mr. Lizard (see Houseguest) has been safely returned to his outside habitat. Youngest son heard me shrieking when Mr. Lizard popped up next to my shoulder on the couch where I was sitting. Youngest son gently coaxed Mr. Lizard into a container and took him to the backyard. No Drama Llama is making allowances for a wee bit of drama for my instinctive freak out reaction.

I hope you’ve had some good moments this week, as well. Stay safe, everybody, and keep washing those hands.



Thursday cuppa is a simple celebration of the beauty and the bravery of kindness.

“My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart.” – Maya Angelou