Family Life


My youngest son graduates from high school today.

It’s natural to think about time on a day like today. From a linear perspective, I see the years by looking back and remembering. I see the future when I imagine the moments to come.

But some believe that time is circular, not linear.

If so, I am now and still always will be rocking him to sleep, reading him bedtime stories, admiring his LEGO creations, taking him trick-or-treating, helping him pack his camping gear. I’m listening to him as he describes his scientific experiments and short story ideas. I’m laughing at something funny he says. I’m watching him blow out his birthday candles and buying him new shoes again and again and again as he grows from tiny baby to young man.

And, I am now and still always will be watching him extend his hand to accept the diploma that signifies the end of one journey and the start of another.

Regardless of a linear or circular perspective, time is a continuous event. As is my love for him. Never ending.

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