Election People


I read a story yesterday about a 102-year-old woman in Chicago, Bea Lumpkin, who covered herself head-to-toe in PPE so that she could go in person to drop off her ballot.

She was two years old when the 19th Amendment was passed. She’s never missed an election, voting in every one since she became old enough to do so.

Although she’s been isolating herself, avoiding exposure to COVID-19, she wasn’t about to miss this year’s election. So, she followed the recommended safety guidelines to minimize her risk and made her way to the nearest ballot drop-off box.

Given her experience and age, it might be tempting for her to approach this election as optional, her participation as unnecessary. But it’s those experiences, the awareness and wisdom gained from a career as a school teacher who’s lived through two world wars, the Great Depression, the 1918 pandemic, the space age, the focus on civil rights, and everything else that’s happened in the past century, that encouraged her to vote this year. Even as she nears the end of her life journey, she remains hopeful about the future – for herself and for all of us who will still be here after she’s gone.

Today’s cuppa is for Bea Lumpkin and all the others like her, ordinary heroes and role models, doing what they can to make the world a better place for everybody.

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