Fun Pets


The most recent addition to our pet family, Maggie, has taken a liking to one of our pillows. She’s been chewing on it, creating a hole in the corner.

I discovered this situation when I moved the pillow, launching a small shower of feathers. They floated upwards, hovered for a few seconds, and then gracefully made their way back down, landing on the bed and the floor and on me.

Maggie’s generally a very good girl. This is really the only destructive thing she’s done. It turns out that she’s younger than we thought when we adopted her; she has most of her adult teeth, but she’s still inclined to chew on things. Her toys are usually the target, but for some reason, this pillow was also attractive to her.

I could be angry, but mostly I’m amused. Sure, I had to clean things up, and the pillow will have to be thrown out. But I found it funny, these feathers floating around me like snow.

Here’s to life with dogs – the good, the bad, and the fluffy in-between.

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