Good People


Recently, I learned about a nonprofit organization called More Than Words.

The goal of More Than Words is to help system-involved youth (16 – 24-year-olds who are in foster care, homeless, or in the court system) with job training and empowerment. These young people run the More Than Words online book and merchandise sites and supporting warehouse and store operations. Additionally, they participate in workshops and receive case management and individual support to help them navigate their current life challenges and set and achieve their educational and other life goals.

Based on the numbers available on the More Than Words website (, it’s a successful endeavor. 95% of the participants have earned or are on track to earn a high school diploma. 88% of the program graduates have held a job for at least six months. Half of the youth eligible to attend post-secondary education programs are doing so. Testimonials from some of the program participants describe hope, help, understanding, skills, and personal growth.

Sadly, we live in world where words are frequently used to make empty promises and irresponsible claims, distract and threaten and discourage. It can be hard to trust what we’re told. Actions, however, rarely lie.

Here’s to the people who are making More Than Words a believable message.

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